We work in partnership with the Government, Development Partners, and CSOs to reduce poverty, injustice, and inequality in our beneficiary communities. We have a range of practical ways in which we support our beneficiaries which include direct service delivery through the following core program areas:

Active Citizenship

We empower individuals to contribute towards development is an important focus of our work through volunteerism and advocacy.

Strategic Priority 1

To work in partnership with communities, supporting them to access their rights to health, education and economic security.


Strategic Priority 2

To work with socially excluded groups and communities, in particular women & girls and people with disabilities, to overcome barriers to inclusion.


Strategic Priority 3

To provide opportunities for young people to become active citizens



Meaningful and greater participation and involvement of all target beneficiaries of our programs.


Volunteerism is at the center of our work. As such, we strongly promote the spirit of volunteerism inclusiveness. We the involvement of all persons regardless of gender, race, nationality, economic status, disability and color.


Paying attention and responding timely to all aspects of our work