Skillshare Lesotho is built on the belief that when ordinary people work together combining their courage, compassion, and determination, they can bring about extraordinary change in the world. Our Programs target the most at-risk and vulnerable populations in Lesotho.


Skillshare Lesotho is a locally registered volunteering and development organization working in partnership with local and International organizations to reduce injustice and inequality, support livelihoods, and promote access to health services among the most at-risk and vulnerable communities in Lesotho.

Since our conception, we have worked steadfastly to reduce injustice and inequality, support livelihoods, and promote access to health services among the most at-risk and vulnerable communities in Lesotho, both by sharing skills and empowering people to meet their social and economic needs.

We are dedicated to delivering long-term, sustainable development programs that respond directly to the needs of the people. Our work has always been characterized by our partnerships with communities, our use of international and in-country volunteers to build skills and capacity, as well as the way we harness the unique power of community innovations and structures to empower marginalized people. All of this work shares the common aim of allowing people in the communities we work with to take
ownership of their development.




Skillshare Lesotho is a Lesotho-registered non-profit organization under registration number 2016/245
governed by a local board of directors.


Skillshare Lesotho is headquartered in Maseru with district offices and focal persons in all the 10
districts of Lesotho.



Currently, Skillshare Lesotho has 20 full-time staff members and over 60 Community based volunteers.
All the staff members are either Lesotho citizens or lawful permanent residents of Lesotho.

Skillshare Lesotho’s Organogram.

At the apex of the Organisation is a Board of Directors whose main function to provide oversight and strategic direction of the organisation.
The secretariat is head by the Executive Director who reports to the Board of Directors. The role of the Executive Director is to mainly act as the chief accounting officer and also ensure the implementation of the organisation’s strategic plan, provide leadership to the human resource and mobilise resources to support the activities of the organisation.

At the Secretariat level the organisation has 3 departments namely;

  • Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting and Learning-The department is headed by a highly experienced M&E Manager whose main function is to ensure that the organisation complies with its performance indicators. This is done through data collection, analysis, reporting, evaluation and learning. The Manager is assisted by an Officer and data collectors.
  • Finance and Administration- The department is headed by a highly experienced Finance and Administration Manager whose main role to ensure compliance to financial, procurement and human resource management policies and procedures. The manager is assisted by a finance officer, procurement officer and Admin officer.
  • Programs - The Programs department is headed by the Programs Manager whose role is to ensure that all projects and programs are implemented in accordance with the project description documents and Skillshare’s strategic plan. The Programs Manager is assisted by Project Managers, Program assistants, District Managers and Community Volunteers.

Core Target Group

  • Out of school adolescent girls and young women
  • Adolescent and young people
  • Orphaned and Vulnerable Children
  • People Living with HIV.
  • People with Disabilities
  • Elderly persons
  • Factory workers.
  • Adolescent girls and young people
  • Migrants
  • Persons of concern (Refuges, Asylum seekers, Stranded Migrants, and Stateless people)
  • Trafficked persons.

Geographical Coverage

  • Maseru
  • Berea
  • Mokhotlong
  • Thabatseka
  • Buthabuthe
  • Leribe
  • mafeteng.
  • Quthing
  • Mohaleshoek
  • QachasNek

Memorandums of Understanding

Skillshare Lesotho has signed several Memorandums of understanding with both State and non-state actors. These include;

  • Ministry of Home Affairs.
  • Berea
  • Lesotho Mounted Police Service.
  • Ministry of forestry.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Christian Health Association of Lesotho (CHAL)

Core Approaches

  • Social Inclusion and Accountability.
  • Mobilization and Partnerships.
  • Gender Mainstreaming and youth participation.
  • Resilience building and sustainability.
  • Partnership.

Our Community Structures.

  • Community-based volunteers- In the last 3 years, Skillshare has recruited, trained, and deployed 450 lay counsellors, peer educators, Change agents, Worth Facilitators, and Data collectors to work on different projects throughout the country. Skillshare has a well-maintained database of peer educators that are called upon to serve whenever there is a need.
  • Youth Action Clubs – Skillshare Lesotho has 60 youth action clubs throughout the country. These out-of-school youth clubs are primarily mandated to act as a safe fun space for youth where they learn and share information on a range of topics that are of interest to them.
  • Worth Groups- Skillshare has 80 WORTH groups in the Southern Districts. There is a micro- group Savings Approach that enhances financial literacy and provides opportunities for young women to acquire small and medium loans to establish a small business which enables them to meet family and personal development needs.
  • Formation of Community-based Protection Committees ( CBPCs). Currently, Skillshare has over 100 CBPCs across the country whose work is to create awareness of human trafficking, Covid 19 awareness among migrant communities, and support community initiatives on Migration, Covid 19, and Human trafficking.

Capability Statement

Skillshare Lesotho has supported the Government of Lesotho for over 10 years as a local organization that currently manages a $2 million+ annual portfolio of health and development programs throughout Lesotho. Skillshare Lesotho has been a trusted partner with the Government of Lesotho and various donors implementing programs for more than 10 years. The donors have included but are not limited to UNICEF, Global fund through Pact, IOM, UNAIDS, Voluntary Services Oversees, Stelebosh University, and Jhapiego. Skillshare Lesotho brings extensive relevant technical expertise in combination HIV prevention (behavioral, biomedical, and structural) and Key population, Adolescents Migration, OVC, Refugees, and trafficking in-person programming, including:

1. Adolescent and Young People Program. This program is implemented in the Southern Region of Lesotho which includes Mafeteng, MohalesHoek, Quthing, and Qacha’sNek targeting to reach102302 young people by June 2021. works within and out of School young people aged 10-24 years. The program provides layered services which include;
  • Social and behavioral change to increase risk perception, adoption of preventive behaviors, and uptake of HIV services.
  • Condom promotion and provision.
  • HIV testing services (HTS) and linkages to care.
  • Linkages to RMNCH and family planning.
  • SGBV prevention and post-violence care.
  • Social asset building Parental engagement and community mobilization.
2. Female Sex Workers Program. In Partnership Pact Inc, Skillshare is implementing an HIV prevention Program targeting Female Sex Workers in 8 Districts of Lesotho. The Districts include Berea, Buthabuthe, Mokhotlong, Thabatseka, Mafeteng, MohalesHoek, Quthing, and QachasNek Districts. The program targets to reach 16148 female sex workers by June 2021. The following services are provided;
  • Social and behavioral change to increase risk perception, adoption of preventive behaviors, and uptake of HIV services.
  • Condom promotion and provision.
  • HIV testing services (HTS) and linkages to care.
  • Linkages to RMNCH and family planning.
  • SGBV prevention and post-violence care.
  • Social asset building.
3. Refugee Programming - In partnership with the Ministry of Home Affairs, Skillshare in supporting the refugee program through the provision of food items, resilience, and Integration services. Product Introduction and scale up- In partnership with the Ministry of Health, UNFPA, and UNESCO, Skillshare introduced the newly developed Comprehensive Sexuality Education manual to teachers and out of adolescent girls and young women and boys. By the end of the Project, Skillshare had reached 102302 AGYWs and boys and trained over 1000 teachers and 400 community volunteers in Mafeteng, Quthing, Mohaleshoek, and Qacha's Nek districts.

4. Gender Integration and youth participation- Skillshare Lesotho’s core approach is gender mainstreaming and youth participation. Over 60% of Skillshare’s workforce are women. The Organisation has a Protection against sexual exploitation and abuse Policy (PSEA) to mitigate sexual exploitation throughout Skillshare’s system. In partnership with UNFPA and the Ministry of Gender Skillshare facilitated the establishment of the Gender-Based Violence Network in Lesotho whose role was to coordinate GBV-related Interventions in Lesotho.

5. Demand generation and Marketing- Skillshare Lesotho’s niche in the health sector is health promotion and behaviour change through community mobilization and demand creation. Skillshare has facilitated HIV testing for over 50000 adolescents, reached over 160000 adolescents with behaviour change messaging, conducted STI screening for over 30000 young people, conducted Covid 19 screening for over 50000 people, distributed over 600000 male and female condoms, distributed over 30000 lubricants to key populations and mobilized over 15000 adolescents for medical male circumcision.

6. Community Engagement- In all the communities we work, Skillshare Lesotho works with the community structures. In the last 3 years, Skillshare has worked with the district administrators in all the districts, worked with both principal and local chiefs in all the districts, and liaised with members of parliament, counsellors, religious leaders, eminent persons, and opinion leaders in all the districts of Lesotho. In the last 3 Months, Skillshare facilitated principle chiefs and religious leaders for a benchmarking trip to Eswatini on Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights.

7. Research utilization and knowledge management- Over the years, Skillshare has implemented various projects, assessments and research, evaluations and surveys in Lesotho. This experience coupled with our robust community structures and personnel puts us in a better position to implement the required assignment in the given time. In the last 3 years Skillshare Lesotho has conducted several studies and surveys that include but are not limited to;
  • Rapid Assessment of the livelihood situation of returnees and Covid19 preparedness and response level in Migration affected areas in 2020 in 10 districts of Lesotho.
  • Survey on Risk communication of COVID-19 along the borders in 4 districts (Quthing, Mafeteng, Qacha’s Nek, and MohalesHoek) in 2020.
  • Livelihoods beneficiary Profiling and Tracing in Leribe, Mafeteng, MohalesHoek, Quthing, and QachasNek in 2021.
  • Annual Perception survey for adolescents on the provision of youth-friendly health services in Mafikeng in Berea and Mafikeng through 34 health centers.
  • Annual Migration flow Registry for Migrants at both official and non-official borders
  • Annual Migration flow Survey for Migrants at both official and non-official borders
  • Pre and post-training assessments to assess the level of knowledge among training participants.
  • Baseline study for HIV knows no borders project in Maputsoe- Leribe District.
8. Skillshare Lesotho conducts program reviews, research, perception surveys, knowledge assessments, project evaluations

9. Covid 19 and Migration. In partnership with the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Health, and International Organization on Migration, Skillshare implemented a Covid awareness, screening, and referral project in 2021. The project targets returning and departing migrants in Leri be and Mafikeng where over 50000 people were sensitized and screened for Covid 19.

10. Social Accountability Project. Skillshare in partnership with UNICEF and VSO is implementing a Social accountability Project in Berea, Mafeteng, Botha Bothe, and Thabatseka. The project aims to empower young people to participate in monitoring the provision of youth-friendly services. Using a community scorecard as a tool, young people use the Ministry of Health’s National Minimum Standards on the provision of adolescent-friendly health services.

11. Prevention of Human trafficking- Skillshare is partnering with IOM and the Ministry of Home Affairs to disseminate information on the prevention of human trafficking most of whom girls. This is done through billboards, and fliers at Major roads leading to border points.

12. Development of Religious Sector National framework on HIV& AIDS. Skillshare in partnership with UNAIDS, CRS, CCL, CHAL, Moslems, Bahai, UNESCO, ADRA, and World Vision has developed the framework to guide religious sector HIV program implementation. The Framework will soon be launched by the Head of State.

13. Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights knows no borders- In partnership with the Ministry of Health, WITS University, Save the Children International and IOM, Skillshare conducted research on migration, adolescents, young people, and Sex workers concerning access to Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR).
Program / project nameTarget AudienceGeographical
Type of
No. of
Funder/ DonorImplementation approach/ Service Packages.
Covid 19 vaccination
awareness and data collection
on public perceptions
Out of school
youth and young
and Berea
Covid 19
awareness and
data collection on
public perceptions
on Covid 19
25000UNICEFMobilising out of school adolescents to
update Covid 19 vaccines but also
collect public perceptions on Covid 19
vaccination barriers.
Stepping – Up Universal
Access: A Multi-Sectoral
Response to TB/HIV Prevention
at the community level in
Adolescent and
young people with
bias to Adolescent
Girls and Young
Women (10-24
Mohale’s Hoek,
Qacha’s Nek
HIV prevention
package for
Adolescent in and
Out of School
Global Fund –
Peer education on CSE, HIV testing,
referrals, Parental engagement, Use of
sports, Condom education and
provision, SGBV through paralegals to
justice system.
Stepping – Up Universal
Access: A Multi-Sectoral
Response to TB/HIV Prevention
at the community level in
Female Sex
Mohale’s Hoek,
Qacha’s Nek,
Bothabothe and
HIV prevention
package for Female
Sex Workers
16148Global Fund –

Peer education, HIV Testing, Referral,
Condom Education and distribution.
Adolescents SRHR – Social
Accountability project
Adolescents and
young people
Bothabothe and
Adolescents SRHR
4500UNICEFSocial Accountability using Community
Score card tracking the provision of
youth friendly services. The aim is to
Improve uptake of health services by
young people.
Community led monitoring of
health care services using data
from health facilities.
QuthingUsing health data to
engage community
500UNAIDSCommunity dialogues using health
facility data as an engagement tool for
community leaders resulting into
community action plans. The aim is to
Improve uptake of health services by
young people.
Adolescents SRHR – Social
Accountability Project.
Adolescents and
young people
MafetengAdolescents SRHR
Social Accountability using Community
Score card tracking the provision of
youth friendly services.
Counter Trafficking and
Addressing Irregular Migration
through Strengthening Boarder
and Migration Management,
Sensitization on TIP and
Building Capacity of Law Enforcement and Boarder
Officials in Lesotho.
counter trafficking
and Quthing
Awareness on
Trafficking in
persons (TIP)
Capacity building of
community leaders
and Community
Organisation on
Migration &
Awareness raising on TIP, referral
pathways; targeting both adults and
children through print materials,
community education sessions, and
video presentations.
Advocacy activities for VMMC in
Adolescent boys
and young men for
VMMC services
BereaVMMC735JHPIEGOMobilisation of Adolescent boys and
young men through advocacy activities
geared towards promoting Voluntary
Male Medical Circumcision (VMMC) for
males aged 10years Berea district.
The overall aim of VMMC advocacy
activities was to contribute to
PEPFAR’s goal of providing VMMC
Sexual Health promotion
through Sports.
Adolescent and
MafetengASRHR160Tackle AfricaSexual health through football.
Use the power and popularity of football
to deliver HIV and Sexual and
Reproductive Health and Rights
(SRHR) information and services to
young people on football pitches
Covid 19 awareness ProjectMigrantsMafeteng and
Covid 19
awareness and
Organisation on
Mobilising boarder communities, use of
peer educators at both legal and illegal
boarder points, screening of travellers
and referrals to boarder Covid 19
testing sites.

14. Structural Interventions-Skillshare Lesotho (SKL) partners with faith leaders in most of its health programs as a key strategy for improving demand for health services. Skillshare has tools (designed for both Christian and Muslim faiths) that are used in multiple programs and utilizes theological doctrines to promote healthy behaviours and positive masculinity using messaging that appeals to the faith and values of the communities. The tools help leaders incorporate health and SBCC messages into religious discussions, and offer guiding questions and techniques for holding discussions on often tricky issues. Skillshare further helps build the capacity of faith-based networks to address HIV through the district-level religious structure.

Additionally, Skillshare in partnership with UNICEF and VSO has HIV prevention program activities targeting out-of-school adolescents. SKL reduces HIV vulnerability among more than 8,000 AGYW through evidence-based, comprehensive HIV prevention approaches that go beyond the health sector to address the structural factors that increase girls’ risk of HIV infection, including poverty, gender inequality, sexual violence, and a lack of education. These activities have included providing gender- based violence training to AGYW, their male partners, and family members; conducting HTS; linkage to cash transfers, education subsidies, and connecting AGYW to vocational training; and training and working with AGYW mentors to provide training on life skills, family planning choices, and HIV prevention to their peers.

15. Monitoring &Evaluation Experience-Skillshare Lesotho has extensive expertise in developing and strengthening both community- and organisational-level M&E systems that are designed to capture information for program improvement. Skillshare Lesotho is well-versed with national HIV indicators, and also collects and analyses its program data, and uses the information derived from the data to make strategic decisions. The organization has a well-resourced M&E department whose main function is to monitor program performance through data collection, analysis, and utilisation.

Between the year 1999 and 2004, Skillshare Lesotho worked in 4 sectors in Lesotho:

  • Education and training for employment creation
  • Support for disadvantaged groups including people with disabilities, women, youth and people living with HIV/AIDS
  • Rural development in particular construction of rural roads and bridges
  • Environment science and technology



Meaningful and greater participation and involvement of all target beneficiaries of our programs.


Volunteerism is at the center of our work. As such, we strongly promote the spirit of volunteerism inclusiveness. We the involvement of all persons regardless of gender, race, nationality, economic status, disability and color.


Paying attention and responding timely to all aspects of our work


Strategic Priority 1

To work in partnership with communities, supporting them to access their rights to health, education and economic security.


Strategic Priority 2

To work with socially excluded groups and communities, in particular women & girls and people with disabilities, to overcome barriers to inclusion.


Strategic Priority 3

To provide opportunities for young people to become active citizens