Our Community Structures.

  • Community-based volunteers- In the last 3 years, Skillshare has recruited, trained, and deployed 450 lay counsellors, peer educators, Change agents, Worth Facilitators, and Data collectors to work on different projects throughout the country. Skillshare has a well-maintained database of peer educators that are called upon to serve whenever there is a need.
  • Youth Action Clubs – Skillshare Lesotho has 60 youth action clubs throughout the country. These out-of-school youth clubs are primarily mandated to act as a safe fun space for youth where they learn and share information on a range of topics that are of interest to them.
  • Worth Groups- Skillshare has 80 WORTH groups in the Southern Districts. There is a micro- group Savings Approach that enhances financial literacy and provides opportunities for young women to acquire small and medium loans to establish a small business which enables them to meet family and personal development needs.
  • Formation of Community-based Protection Committees ( CBPCs). Currently, Skillshare has over 100 CBPCs across the country whose work is to create awareness of human trafficking, Covid 19 awareness among migrant communities, and support community initiatives on Migration, Covid 19, and Human trafficking.